About Us
Masters' Union Investment Fund

We are one of India’s first-ever solely student-managed fund with an initial corpus of INR 5 Crore run by its members having a strong background in finance, portfolio management, research analytics, etc.

We at MUIF do investment analysis and portfolio management to promote leadership and decision making and enhance the ability to drive sustainable solutions in the field of finance and investments.

We invest across the following asset classes:

  • Equity

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Debt Instruments

  • Real Estate

  • Derivatives

  • Commodities

  • Futures & Options

  • Startups

  • Foreign Exchange Currencies

Committee Members
  • Tanujh Singh

    MUIF Role: Chairperson

    CA | B.Com, University of Delhi | Ex-EY

  • Pooja Patodi

    MUIF Role: Chief Investment Officer

    CA | B.Com | Ex-EY | Ex- DP Sangoi & Associates

  • Avnish Bakshi

    MUIF Role: Chief Of Operations

    BE | Ex- MarketsandMarkets | Ex- Zion Market Research

  • Aditya Kumar

    MUIF Role: Trading Manager

    YIF, Ashoka University | Ex-Clix Capital | Ex- UpGrad

  • Himanshu Bansal

    MUIF Role: Marketing Manager

    B.Tech | Ex-ZS Associates

  • Karan Patel

    MUIF Role: Digital Assets Manager

    BE | Ex-Fellow@National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

  • Tanay Lohia

    MUIF Role: Start-up Manager

    B.Tech, NIT Silchar | Ex-CGI & Impact Consulting

  • P V Raj Vineeth

    MUIF Role: Investment Manager

    B.Tech, VIT | PGP, BITS Pilani | Ex-Dev@CGI

  • Charu Jain

    MUIF Role: Investment Manager

    CA | B.Com, Delhi University

  • Akshat Madhogaria

    MUIF Role: Investment Manager

    CA | B.Com (H), St Xavier’s, Kolkata

  • Akshay Kumar

    MUIF Role: Investment Manager

    B.Tech, IIT Dhanbad | Ex-Adani Enterprises


This Investment Policy Statement (“Policy” or “IPS”) is to comply with terms of the investment powers provided under the Charter and the framework for the managers of the Masters Union Investment Fund (“MUIF”). The purpose of a policy statement is to document the investment management process in the following manner:

  • Identifying the key roles and responsibilities relating to the ongoing management of the MUIF

  • This structure includes various asset classes and acceptable ranges that, in aggregate, are expected to produce a sufficient investment return over the long term while prudently managing risk

  • The investment strategy should provide guidance in all market environments, and should be based on a clear understanding of worst-case outcomes

  • Establishing formalized criteria to measure, monitor, and evaluate the performance on a regular basis

  • Encouraging effective communication among all stakeholders, including Investment Advisory Group (“IAG”) engaged to execute investment strategies

Please reach out to: investmentfund@mastersunion.org


The objective of this Charter is to regulate the Committee’s functions through determining its duties, authorities, working procedures, and rules of the nomination of its members, in accordance with the regulatory rules as decided in the committee meetings.

Please reach out to: investmentfund@mastersunion.org