Student-Run Investment Fund

The Masters’ Union Investment Fund is a fully student-run fund with Assets Under Management worth Rs. 5 Cr.

Investment classes include:

  • Venture Capital
  • Crypto & Blockchain
  • Public and Private Equities
  • Fund of Funds


fixed income






real estate


The Committee’s philosophy regarding investment risk, consistent with modern portfolio theory, is that risk cannot be eliminated but should be managed and that stakeholders have the obligation to utilise risk efficiently.

The core value of the fund includes:

  • Educating the members and students of Masters’ Union on different investment methodologies and portfolio management
  • Setting up key financial goals
  • Exploring new and upcoming areas of investment

Investment Methodologies

The Fund Managers of the student-led fund have full responsibility for investment-related matters based on the defined asset class. The investment philosophy of the Committee is to create a management process with sufficient flexibility to capture investment opportunities as they may occur, yet maintain reasonable parameters to ensure prudence and care in the execution of the investment program.

The fund follows a stringent process for capital allocation and investment in a particular asset class involving the following steps:

  • 1 EIC fundamental analysis
  • 2 Technical analysis
  • 3 Peer and mentor review
  • 4 Voting for investment
  • 5 Approval from the fund chairperson

Company) Research


Capital Call


Funds Allocation &
Successful Investment

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